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Project Name: BEACON HILL Nokendai


Location: Horiguchi, Yokohama Kanazawa-ku, Kanagawa


Size: 4.0 ha


Client: Urban Renaissance Agency


Date: 1998 - 2005

Category: Residential Environment


Services Provided: Schematic Design - Design Development


Landscape Architect: HEADS TOKYO

Landscape Design Following the Great Example of Beacon Hill, a Historic Neighborhood in Boston

BEACON HILL Nokendai is a housing complex owned by Urban Renaissance Agency, and located on the hill near the coastline, about ten kilometers southwest of Yokohama City. It was a part of the redevelopment project of the former site of the large-scale factory, and the common design concept for the entire project was "the Cityscape of Boston Beacon Hill." For the housing complex, we designed a stately landscape by using bricks mainly and other materials such as wrought irons and sandstones as the design accents. We also designed streets with Magnolia trees which is one of the features of Beacon Hill, and created a rich residential environment with flowers throughout the four seasons. Additionally, we proposed an elevated children's playground that utilizes ​the rooftop of the parking garage, which was yet unique in those days.

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