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Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park

Project Name: Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park


Location: Niijuku, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo


Size: 7.1 ha


Client: Ward of Katsushika


Date: 2010 - 2011


Category: Parks , Urban Design


Services Provided: Design Development


Landscape Architect: HEADS TOKYO


Award: The 29th Urban Parks Competition | Award by City Bureau Director, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Parks and Open Space Association of Japan)

​Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park was built due to the large-scale redevelopment project of the former site of the Mitsubishi Paper Mill. The campus of Tokyo University of Science is located in the center of the park. As the place to lead the community development in the redevelopment area of ​​the former mill site, we made an effort to design a great landscape environment that will mitigate the heat island phenomenon, maintain biodiversity, create beautiful urbanscapes, and make the community safe. We also contributed to the succession of the local industrial heritage by utilizing the steam boiler that was used at the mill and setting it at the park as an art object. Additionally, we installed facilities for major disasters such as rainwater storage, toilets that need no sewage system, benches with a built-in barbecue grill, etc.

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