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Rakusai-Shimbayashi-Kita Housing Complex

A Living Space in the Deciduous Woods

The concept of the landscape design for this housing complex is to make residential facilities such as houses and roads look like they were just built on the existing woody land suitable for a residential environment. Under such a concept, we aimed to recreate a fine natural environment, rather than to make a conventional plan of planting with artificial designs for gardens and parks. Today it became a living space with a calm atmosphere in rich nature.

Project Name: Rakusai-Shimbayashi-Kita Housing Complex


Location: Oenishishimbayashicho, Kyoto Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto



Client: Urban Renaissance Agency


Date: 1979 - 1980


Category: Residential Environment


Services Provided: Schematic Design - Design Development


Landscape Architect: HEADS OSAKA

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