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Report of the Milan Expo 2015

We visited the Expo 2015, the World Expo hosted by Milan, Italy, under the guidance of Mr. Shohei Fukui, the producer of the Japan Pavilion.


Expo 2015's theme was "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life," focusing on food as one of the most significant issues for the 21st century.

A wide variety of sustainability for the future related to food in science, innovation, technology, tradition, culture, education was introduced there.

Many interesting landscape designs under the specific theme of food were seen, such as edible gardens with a sense of identity of each country.
It was also noteworthy that the composition of architecture and outdoor spaces was well designed, which enabled visitors to experience the richness of the food.

Photographer: Osamu Kato

Japan Pavilion awarded the Gold Medal in the best display category of the pavilion prizes

France Pavilion with vegetable gardens from all over France

French brand of automobiles, Peugeot's cool kitchen cars

USA Pavilion with a movable vertical edible gardens

UK Pavillion of modern architecture surrounded with wildflowers

Switzerland Pavilion with relaxing outdoor spaces

Plenty of outdoor spaces, even for a nap in the edible garden

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