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Project Name: RIVER HARP COURT Minami-Senju


Location: Minamisenju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


Size: 2.9 ha


Client: Urban Renaissance Agency


Date: 2000 - 2004


Category: Residential Environment


Services Provided: Schematic Design - Design Development


Landscape Architect: HEADS TOKYO

Alleys in the Old Town and the Waterside Environment of the Sumida River

RIVER HARP COURT Minami-Senju is a housing complex in the West Shirahige district, an old town along the Arakawa River in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. This district is densely populated and residential, commercial, and industrial elements are mixed together, and has faced the issues of how to deal with aging buildings and prevent disasters such as fires. Therefore, we designed the landscape that values the local culture and the environment such as the lively atmosphere of the old town and the waterside environment of the Sumida River, as one of the solutions to enhance the ability to prevent disasters, improve the quality of their living environment, and strengthen their economic base. We also collaborated with the local artist Maako Kido and installed her delightful artworks in the common spaces.

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