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Urayasu East District Comprehensive Park

Project Name: Urayasu East District Comprehensive Park


Location: Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba


Size: 13.2 ha  (Green space 1.1 ha)


Client: Urban Renaissance Agency


Date: 1991 - 2006


Category: Parks


Services Provided: Conceptual Design - Design Development


Landscape Architect: HEADS TOKYO


Design Cooperation: Createrra Inc.

Creating a Park Open to the Sea
Urayasu East District Comprehensive Park is located in the seaside area of ​​Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture. We took advantage of its locational characteristics which is one of the few places that directly face the sea, and designed a park open to the sea. For the better growth of the plants that form the foundation of the park, we also conducted the test planting and the examination of soil, and reflected the result to the plan. The free spaces of the park where people can look over the sea as a part of their living environment would be a precious place to appreciate the Urayasu Life with the sea.

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